Saturday, March 29, 2008

Manuscript Request

My morning started out rough. I dropped my coffee and sprained my ankle. I promise that I was actually going to get out and try to go on a walk for exercise today. I did do extensive pruning and mulching though, so I was still able to take advantageous of the gorgeous day.

Last night I finished my online picture book class taught by Anastasia Suen. It was bittersweet to finish. I learned so much and would highly recommend her course to anyone that is serious about writing picture books. I also signed up for her Yahoo group because she sends out alot of information on the writing industry.

For my last lesson, I had to include my top 5 publishing houses. Today, I got a request for my picture book manuscript from a publisher on my list. This is a manuscript that I got critiqued as part of my class, so I feel that I now have a better version of it to send out.

I love the sun and something other than No!

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