Monday, September 13, 2010

Finding time to Revise

Lately, I've been feeling as if I can find no time to revise my current WIP, a YA Mystery. I love, love, love the story and am committed to trying to get it polished up so I can re-submit it.

Summer was full of activities, classes, and To Do Lists, but my original deadline of Sept. 1, 2010 has come and gone. I'm in desperate need of finding 30 minutes a day, just 30 minutes. I could then do a few pages at a time.

The main culprit, if I can call it that, is that I'm now seriously focusing on getting healthy. I've joined Weight Watchers and now use my lunch hour to work out. That used to be my writing time.

I now need to find that 30 minutes elsewhere. It's like balancing a budget. If you overspend by $30, then you need to make up the $30 from somewhere else.

Finding that 30 minute make up time is my writing goal for the week.

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