Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Surviving SARPE surgery

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Am I glad I did it? Yes.

It was worth it to have my bite and teeth fixed correctly for the second time. I wore an expander and braces as a teen-ager, but my teeth decided to move around.

Here's what I've learned:

1) When you tell other adults you got braces and need surgery, they'll show you their crooked teeth despite having worn braces as a teen. Seriously, there needs to be a permanent post-braces process, so we only have to live through it once.

2) Even though SARPE surgery is out patient, if you can stay the night in the hospital- do it. I was well taken care of. Ice for my ice packs was brought to me every 2 hours. My vitals were taken every 2 hours to make sure I was recovering well. Through my IV, I was given antibiotics, anti-swelling and pain medication. Having the adjustable bed was helpful because I could sit up which was more comfortable.

3)Buy your post surgery food in advance. I purchased protein powder, applesauce, pudding, ice cream, soup, and tons of fruits & vegetables that I juiced. My favorite go-to drink was the chocolate carnation instant breakfast.

4) Sit up as much as possible to help with the swelling

5) Make sure you have someone to help you out because you're going to be tired and healing.

6) Get the best chapstick you can because your lips are going to get super dry and chapped.

7) Stay hydrated-nothing will make you feel worse then getting dehydrated

8) Make you sure you have an experienced, reputable surgeon. I had hardly any bruising and wasn't really in to much pain.

9) Be prepared to be gap toothed. As you crank the expander, a gap will develop and you'll look like Madonna.

If you are going to have SARPE surgery, I wish you good luck and speedy healing.


Elin said...

Hi! Great blog! It's a good help for others looking into the same type of treatment.

I was wondering, did you just have SARPE done or did you also have any type of other jaw surgery?

Did you notice your cheekbones coming out after the SARPE? I've heard this is what happens but I wanted to hear your opinion about what happens to the cheeks.

Keep up the good work!

Jade McCoy said...

Who did your surgery?