Thursday, January 31, 2008

Taking Advantage

So, this week agent Nathan Bradford of the Curtis Brown Literary Agency announced a 1st page contest on his blog. It's not everyday you get to put your writing in front of an agent. He received over 600 entries which is just crazy, but just proves that you should take advantage of ever opportunity out there.

The internet, blogs, discussion groups are goldmines for tidbits of information and contests such as these.

On a personal note, I got a request for a full manuscript from an agency this week for my new picture book. It's my favorite so far and I consider any request for a manuscript from a query letter, a triumph for my query letter.

On a sad note, I found out this week that there will be no Central Ohio Literature for Children Conference. I'm so bummed that I can't stand it. I loved going last year and it was local and affordable. Hopefully, they'll find another coordinator and have one in 2009

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Angela said...

Congrats on your request.

Sorry about the conference!