Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm officially a Grad Student

I started my 1st class today and it's all about critical writing, reasoning, and thinking. I didn't really think getting an MBA was going to help me with writing, but I was wrong. I will be reviewing grammar and sentence structure along with conveying thoughts effectively. I need the grammar review because I still struggle with commas.

I attended the Columbus State Writers Conference this past week-end. I learned alot, mainly from literary agent, Jennifer DeChiara. I didn't realize I was making some rookie query mistakes, but now I know better. It was also a blast to attend the event with my YA critique group gals. In addition to our next chapters, we're going to look at each other's existing query letters and incorporate the information we learned.

I still owe everyone a post about the autopsy class that I went to last Tuesday at COSI. I got some ideas about where to take my story and how to layer some of the storyline. The weird thing this is that the audience was made up of women with the exception of one guy. Hmmm.

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