Sunday, July 20, 2008

Columbus Metropolitan Main Library

There are few things that make a mother prouder, then hearing her 2 year old child beg to go to storytime at the library. Nothing makes me happier then hearing her ask to go to the library when I pick her up from school.

Libraries have also been an important part of my life. Several of my childhood memories, include trips to the library. When you're an avid reader and not a millionaire, a library card is as essential as a social security number.

I know she has a love for stories and I hope she's also developing respect for libraries. Just today, I was searching everywhere for our copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Convinced that Swiper the Fox took it, she said "I have an idea, we'll get it from the library." ---A proud moment in my life.

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Library Mermaid said...

Hey, another library loving mermaid! Fantastic. And kudos on raising a child who loves the libray.