Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sharing Food Ideas with other Moms

Tonight I met with a group of other moms and had a food discussion. Other moms are such a great resource of not only information, but of experience. You can share what's worked for either or you, where to shop for food, which store has the best produce, etc.

My child isn't in public school yet, but I also got valuable insight on what to expect and it's not pretty. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, we are set on making a change in our community.

Our veggie plants have also begun to sprout and I feel like a proud momma. I love growing and nurturing something that is going to help my body be nurished and help my child continue to grow in a healthy way. It helps me connect to the Earth and motivates me to continue to plant new flowers and shrubs.

Earth Day is around the corner. How will you be giving back to her?

This month's nutritional goal: Try New Veggie: Kale
This month's physical fitness goal: Go to the gym 3 times a week
This month's writing goal: Revise current WIP per workshop critique.

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