Saturday, April 28, 2007

Central Ohio Writers Conference

I just returned from attending the Central Ohio Writers of Literature for Children (CO Writers) annual conference and I'm bursting with information and tips. Carol Gorman, author of Stumptown Kid, taught a How to conduct research class, Lisa Cheng, associate editor at Margaret K. McElderberry Books taught a picture book class, Tanya Dean, executive editor at Darby Creek Publishing taught Publishing 101 and Alice Pope, editor of the Writers Market books, taught Marketing yourself Online.

As an apiring writer, I am constantly trying to improve my writing and meet fellow writers. Attending conferences like this one provides the avenue for me to pursue those goals. Finding the time to write has been my big dilemma these days. I just started a new job and there has been alot of change, but I'm getting into my new routine and need to make sure I allocate some writing time.

I'm working on my first YA novel and am about 4 chapters into the story. I have it outlined but need to get it out on paper.

I could be working on it now but I do feel obligated to go out and enjoy the bit of sunshine we have today. My plan for tonight: Finish up the current chapter I'm working on as I watch Casino Royale courtesy of Netflix.