Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Evernight Teen

Food plays an important role in my young adult mystery, Unraveled. Autumn spends time with her family and extended family over the dinner table. Even Caedon gets introduced to the family over a large meal.

In the Hispanic community, meals are a time to gather together, talk to each other, and just spend time together. I remember lunches at my grandparent's house in Mexico. We would travel their every summer. To this day those are some of my happiest memories. Preparation for lunch started right after breakfast, and usually took the whole morning. There were several courses. One of my favorites was my grandmother's carrot soup. I still need to get the recipe from her.

My grandparent's had several lime trees so we always had pitchers full of limeade to drink during our meals. They also had avocado trees, so fresh guacamole was always available. No wonder I'm such an avocado lover. Mangoes were plentiful, and were usually dessert for all of us.

One of my favorite foods is called flautas. They are corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken. They are rolled up tight, then fried or baked. You can cover them in green or red sauce. I just dipped them in guacamole. You can also fill them with beef or ground beef.

I often get comments from readers that reading Unraveled makes them hungry. I love that. Food plays a big part in Autumn's life so I'm happy that came across.

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To celebrate, Evernight Teen's 1st birthday, I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon. To enter my prize content, please leave a comment naming your favorite family dish.

On Feb.1st, I will randomly select one winner. Be sure to include your e-mail so I can contact you.

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Enchanting Reviews said...

My family's favorite dish and mine is a meatball taco ring! Consisting meatballs flavored with taco seasoning ,wrapped and cooked in a crescent roll. Then served on a tray in a ring (once I made it in shape of a horseshoe) In the middle I put shredded lettuce, tomato's and onions topped with sour cream Yum! I have never heard of flautas but they sound very tasty! Have a great day and now I am off to find something to eat all this food talk is making me hungry! LOL

Angel Leigh said...


My families favourite dish is Dutchmen's Pudding. Its a dessert that is very rich and you have it with creme. It's sort of like a sponge pudding that is light and fluffy. Just before it's cooked you make a sauce of butter, sugar and vanilla. When you pull the pudding out of the other, you pour the sauce over top and it soaks in. Yum :)

thanks for this.


Jenni J. said...

I have yet to read this book, but it sounds great! My favorite family dish is a hard question to answer. My mom is a wonderful cook and I like to that some of the rubbed off on me! But if I would have to pic would have to be her vegetable soup. I swear no matter how many times I watch her make it and get the recipe, it never tastes the same as when she makes it. Now I'm hungry!
Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Birthday to Evernight Teen.

books4me said...

My favorite family dish growing up was my mom's lasagna! I think the family dish now with my hubby and my teen is probably chili just because it's a food we can all agree on! LOL

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Juliee said...

My favorite family dish is potato pancakes , sausages and cream corn.

Beautiful Disaster said...

Pizza is our fave family dish. I follow by email (lorih824 at yahoo dot com).

Juana said...
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Juana said...

My favorite family dish is rice and beans.

jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

Angela Rose said...

I'm of French/Italian descent. I love my pasta and desserts. My memere's crepes were always a favorite, and my grammy's spaghetti sauce. They've both passed on, but I make both recipes for my kids now.

love to read said...

My favourite family dish is a dessert Pavlova. My granny used to make it now my dad does delicious.
cjlps23 at gmail dot com

LAWonder said...

I tried yo leave a comment on Stephanie, Christine and Bridie but WP would not accept my account and password.

LAWonder said...

My family's favorites are too diverse. A key one though is Tuna Macaroni Salad. It is made with macaroni, tuna, apples, cucumbers, celery, mayo with seasonings.

magic5905 said...

Lasagna is our favorite family dish.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Unknown said...

My favorite family dish would be homemade potato and cheddar cheese perogies! Thank you for being a part of the hop. kbinmich AT yahoo DOT com

Natasha said...

My favorite family dish is homemade pizza.
Thanks for the chance to win!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

Jenn Hiles said...

My favorite family dish is lasagna. How can you go wrong if it has lots of cheese?! I'd love to try flautas, they sound really yummy!

Unknown said...

My favorite family dish is my meatloaf! I truly enjoy making it for my family! Thanks for sharing!

Victoria Alexander said...

Happy Birthday Evernight Teen :)
velastarr926 (at)

deasuluna said...

Our family meal to make usually done a lot in the summer. Ensalada de bacalao,A cold cold fish salad with onions,tomatoes,lettuce, olive oil,hard boiled eggs and avocados. With baked/boiled sweet plantains on the side and grilled corn on the cob. It's perfected on those hot days in the summer. :)