Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Graduated!!

Graduating from Seton Hill University is bittersweet. I've met the most amazing people who I know will be friends for life. The MFA program has been life changing for me-it truly helped me grow as a writer in ways that I could have never learned on my own.

Here's what I take away:

  • I'll give myself deadlines similar to what I had in school, so I continue to get my writing done
  • I will watch for comma splices
  • I will vary the length of my sentences
  • I will keep in touch with my classmates and professors
  • I won't use the word "grimace" or have my characters talk through clenched teeth
  • I vow to continue to be a student of the writing craft

If you want to pursue a MFA, you have several options. You need to research what type of program you'd like to join. Literary fiction is not for me, so I knew I wanted to pursue Popular Fiction. SHU has a low residency requirement- 5 days/twice a year.

If you'd like to know more, visit: http://www.setonhill.edu/academics/graduate_programs/fiction

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Congratulations.